Agreement Of Sale Temporary Injunction

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Rohit Khandelwal, counsel for the complainant, argues that the land in question belonged to Shobhagmal Jain, whom the complainant had accepted. The money was paid to the original owner. After that, the original owner executed the power of attorney in favour of his son. The owner`s son executed a deed of sale in favour of the interviewee. The complainant filed a complaint for the cancellation of the deed of sale and for the actual execution of a sale agreement carried out in his favour. In addition, the original owner was willing to pay the consideration of sale to the subsequent purchaser, as his son had unduly sold the property in question. As a result, an application for an injunction was filed. Visit for further judgments/orders to be delivered at the High Court of Allah and its bank in Lucknow. Disclaimer. . The decision on request under section 1 and 2 of Section 151 of the Code of Civil Procedure, p. 39, was appealed.

. Print Judgment is a premium feature. Please update by clicking below. Rajasthan High Court: Sabina, J. appealed on the grounds that the party suffers an irreparable loss if the use was authorized. Sign up to access this feature (no payment required) . . . High Court was necessary to see if the plaintiff had a case and apparent balance of convenience in his favour and if the injunction was not granted in favour of the complainant, he would suffer an irreparable loss. The Tribunal therefore decided, after considering the relevant issue, that the respondent could be classified as a bonafide purchaser for consideration. Therefore, if the applicant is able to obtain an injunction in favour of the applicant, the respondent would suffer an irreparable loss, since he could not benefit from the property he acquired in the property he acquired in the manner he pleased.

In addition, the Lis Pendens principle would apply. As a result, no interference was made by the Tribunal. [Rakesh Makwana v. Vishant Infra Projects Llp, 2019 SCC OnLine Raj 903, decided 09-04-2019] Welcome to eLegalix, Judgment Information System for Allahabad High Court and Its Bench at Lucknow. Disclaimer. Please enter the 6-digit digital security code below to display judgment/order . . . . . . .

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