South Sudan Agreement 2018

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The UN mission in South Sudan (UNSO) documented how, in April and May, government and combat aircraft attacked 40 villages in parts of the opposition-controlled southern unit, killed at least 232 civilians and injured many others, ransacked and burned houses and used rape “as a weapon of war” against at least 120 women and girls , and asked civilians to leave their villages. Thousands of people have fled their homes or hiding places. Mahboub Maalim, executive secretary of the East African bloc (IGAD), said the rivals disagreed on security and governance, but that the final version of the agreement had dispelled disagreements. Numerous attempts at ceasefires and peace agreements have failed in South Sudan. But a 2018 peace agreement, signed five years after the start of the 2013 conflict, has raised hopes of a lasting peace treaty. As part of the agreement, former rebel leader Riek Machar returned to government and resumed his duties as vice-president. It is not yet known when Machar will return to Juba, the capital. Productive sectors such as agriculture, livestock and fishing are stagnating; Local and international investment has stalled. As a result, the economy experienced strong hyperinflation reaching three-digit levels (113%) since February 2018 […] Unemployment has also reached unprecedented levels, as has poverty […] Our oil and non-oil revenues exceeded budget estimates, but the increase was not enough to fill the funding gap.

In addition, we have not been able to accept new funding13 The legitimacy of the R-ARCSS is another facilitator. In general, the agreement is strongly locally responsible and it appears that there is a regional and international consensus that the peace pact is acceptable. While the international community seems skeptical of the historic trend of violations of the peace agreement in South Sudan – understandably – it has pledged to support the peace process. The troika of the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Norway expressed “concern about the commitment of the parties to the agreement”17, but acknowledged that the agreement was essential to combating peace and security in South Sudan, while the UN spokesman for the Secretary-General of South Sudan hailed the peace pact as “a positive and significant development”. , because it often helps to mobilize the support needed for the sustainability and sustainability of peace agreements. R-ARCSS is an agreement to revive the August 2015 ARCSS, which temporarily ended South Sudan`s first civil war, which broke out on December 13, 2013. Between August 2015 and June 2016, ARCSS played a significant role in preventing confrontations between key parties to the conflict and until July 2016, when conflicts erupted. Overall, the development of trust, cooperation and cooperation between the parties in the implementation of the R-ARCSS will be the greatest companion to success.

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