Changing Names On A Tenancy Agreement

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Many people have to change the names on the lease. With these simple tips, you`ll have your new roommate and lease corrected in no time. In case of modification of the common lease, the names of the tenants are changed in a rental agreement when the tenants move and / or move in. This can happen for any number of tenants who move as long as at least one of the original tenants remains in the rental agreement. If you are a tenant of a housing executive or a housing company and you want a joint lease, you must ask your landlord to change the lease. If a tenant violates the terms of his agreement, the lessor can act against him. The owner may apply to the court for an order of ownership of the property. If you want to terminate your rental agreement, it is important to understand the termination rules. You can apply for the lease if, on the day of your death, you lived with the tenant in the property as your principal residence for at least 12 months.

You must also be the deceased tenant If a tenant has a joint tenancy agreement with their spouse or life partner, they become the only tenant if their spouse or life partner dies. If you changed your name on the basis of marriage, life partnership, divorce, termination of life partnership or through a documentary survey, you must complete the online name change form. If a lessor improperly withholds consent, you can ask the rental court to authorize an assignment or terminate the tenancy. If the lease agreement mentions more than one tenant, the lessor may accept a tenant`s notification as termination of the lease for all tenants. An award can be made if there is only one tenant in the rental agreement or if there are several. Contact the other parties to the rental agreement and inform them that you want to change one of the names in the document. They will probably want to know why, and knowing could make them more cooperative. It`s best to give them the reason, unless you have a good reason not to. If you want to be known as a different name than your original lease, you must participate in an interview with a Hyde employee who will fill out the form with you. You must bring an identity card, such as a driver`s license or passport, with your original name on it. You must prove your new name, which may be available in the form of a driver`s license, passport, letter confirming the new name of a responsible person such as a family doctor or lawyer, a declaration of change of name or a legal statement.. .


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