Here is some food for thought on the journey of sound design.

I've been able to learn how I can use tools like Pro Tools, my handy Zoom H5, a kitchen and some appliances, and a little imagination to create an experience that is totally fun and engrossing. I have to thank my instructors for showing me how to manipulate audio clips with VSTs, using critical thinking for each sound, and finding sound where there isn't any.

Let me just give a couple of examples:

I am truly proud of my monster sounds since it's using animal sounds but the planet sounds seemed a bit overpowering. My most successful and challenging assets were the animal sounds, which is a big reason why they are my standouts.

Thinking back on this experience, I would have liked more animals to try out, just to see what I could have created. With these sounds, though, I do see a future where they can be used in some sort of jungle type adventure game...

I've had my eyes opened to this world of sound designing and I'm ready to support you in your next venture.

I welcome you to go to the next page to see actual gameplay footage of the demo game, Uranus Attacks!

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